<tc>Cortes de Cima Azeite Virgem Extra</tc>

Cortes de Cima Azeite Virgem Extra

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On your return to Portugal after years of study and experiences abroad, including a BA at the “Harvard of viticulture and oenology”, the University of Adelaide, and internships with spectacular producers in Australia, New Zealand, USA and Stéphane Ogier in Côte -Rotie, the “Anna of the world” decidedly wanted to reveal a new and incredible Alentejo. From her admirable rehearsals, which range from 700 meters above sea level in the Serra de São Mamede to the sea level of her vineyards on the Costa Alentejana, refinement, precision and freshness reverberate with contagious energy. The exploration of the terroir, organic cultivation and the unique care with viticulture give life to extremely vertical wines full of “drama factor”.

The Cobrançosa variety was harvested by hand in October 2022 and naturally processed with cold extraction, shortly after harvesting. Bottling took place in January 2023, with a maximum acidity of 0.2%. 

A harmonious oil, which has a deep color, with a greenish yellow tone, and the presence of a profile of green and fresh olives. There is a great balance between light spicy and mild bitterness, ending very complex and long. 


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