Domaine du Pélican Cuvée Brut &

Domaine du Pélican Cuvée Brut 'S' 2020

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If Domaine Marquis d’Angerville has considered expanding beyond the Côte d’Or, it is because something very special is about to happen. The design of Domaine du Pélican, in the Jura, took 4 years of work until Yves Herody, the geologist responsible for mapping the soils of d’Angerville in Burgundy, found what is most precious in the region - including vineyards of Jacques Puffeney. When Jura and Burgundy merge, an immense charge of energy, emotion and refinement is unleashed with each bottle opened.

The "wow" effect is provoked every second of contemplation of this incredible sparkling wine. Intense in its totally Jurassic character, it is deep and complex, like few others. It is also vinous, tense and extremely mineral. Reminiscent, in style and within due proportions, of the great Ulysse Collin and Selosse.



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