Le Puy Retour des Îles 2016

Le Puy Retour des Îles 2016

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It is incredible that Le Puy still goes unnoticed even by the good connoisseurs of Bordeaux, despite its 400 years of history. It's the authentic one. It's the amazing thing. It is rich in character and history. It differs by being born in the narrow AOC Francs. It is made almost exclusively with the Merlot variety, and has never been classified by any ranking. His natural philosophy practiced in the vineyards and in the cellar is not common in the region: in 1868 he already questioned the use of sulphites in winemaking. Its roots are in limestone soils that extend from the plateau of the glamorous neighboring Saint-Émilion.

Retour des Îles was born from the desire to rediscover the sensations that English merchants of the Middle Ages must have experienced when they tasted the wines they brought back from their journey across the oceans in search of dishes more desired. Four barrels are selected for their particular potential that is just waiting to be sublimated. They are then loaded into the holds of a schooner, for an Atlantic crossing made only by the force of the wind. During this journey, which lasts almost eight months, our wine lives with the swell and iodine, the variations of pressure and temperature. It then takes on unique flavors and aromas, giving it a new and incomparable dimension.

Biological Certificate (FR-BIO-01)


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