Marjan Simcic Leonardo 2016

Marjan Simcic Leonardo 2016

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Marjan “was the key to the success of the Goriška Brda region”, when at the age of 20, he took over the family winery from 1860 and “changed the profile of the region and raised it to the first level nationally and internationally” , according to Decanter magazine. Brda has the prerogative of a fantastic terroir, where the Alps join hands with the Mediterranean, with “flysch” soils of limestone marl, the famous Opoka. Marjan is a force of nature, and with organically grown grapes, she creates wines of immense authenticity and minerality, totally unmissable for terroir explorers.

Leonardo sweet wine is produced with 5,000 kg of extraordinary Ribolla grapes that are harvested by hand and air-dried for seven months in wooden boxes (apassimento). Ribolla from the Medana Jama terroir in Brda, Slovenia. The vines are 67 years old, at 250 meters and exposed to the north. Loam and Opoka limestone make up the myriad of soils. It ferments and ages in barrels for 42 months. 

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